Hewitt Law Firm

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Mr. Hewitt has 27 years of experience in advising individual and business clients on how to protect their interests and maximize their financial opportunities. Representative clients include technology firms, financial institutions, professional services companies, manufacturers, investors, media and entertainment companies, real estate developers, contractors, successful individuals, and miscellaneous business organizations.

In a variety of litigation matters, Mr. Hewitt represents a broad range of clientele, including individuals, employees, small business owners, and large corporations. He represents both plaintiffs and defendants, and handles such matters as contract disputes, Trademark/Copyright claims, breach of fiduciary duty claims, employment disputes, and real estate related litigation.

Mr. Hewitt aggressively represents his clients’ interests in family law matters. He is experienced in dealing with executives, business owners, professional athletes, and entertainers with substantial assets. He handles such matter as; divorce, custody and visitation disputes, alimony, child support, modification of child support custody, and pre-nuptial agreements.

Mr. Hewitt had 15 years of experience in the music business prior to opening his law practice in 1986. He maximizes his entertainment clients’ revenue potential and protects them in their entertainment related endeavors in the negotiation of their recording agreements, music publishing agreements, distribution agreements, production agreements, management agreements, talent agency agreements, and television and movie synchronization licensing and endorsement agreements.